Katla, a Swedish-built electric VTOL aircraft.

Designed for flexibility and freedom

Electric aircraft is the next revolution in the aviation industry. Katla is leading the devlopment of groundbreaking technologies in the area and offer innovative and sustainable solutions. 

Customizable solutions

Every Katla aircraft is crafted in Sweden with the highest safety standards and quality. Depending on your mission, manned or unmanned, we customize aircraft or drone solutions which cater to your needs. 

All electric – all sustainable 

All electric propulsion means more sustainable and cost-effective missions. Imagine what you could do with an electric aircraft or drone, to save costs or improve efficiency in your work or life.  

Get in touch regarding your project.

Katla is currently in development and we are now inviting selected partners to develop services on our platform. We are looking for companies and organizations in the public or private sector, who also believe strongly in the vision of electric flight.

Please use the form below to get in touch with us and to discuss possible collaborations or projects. 

The Katla Team

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