Katla Aero was founded in 2019 by five friends (including three brothers) who are really attached to the idea of electric aircraft.

Based on Gustav Wiberg’s design, a prototype of an electric VTOL multicopter was developed, which combined the best properties from helicopters and aircraft.

Today, Katla Aero is one of Sweden’s few civilian manufacturers of electric drones and aircraft. The goal is to manufacture the fastest, most attractive and smartest aircraft in the world, so that more people can experience the joy and freedom of flying.

Katla Aero has a small, agile team and works with several of Sweden’s foremost experts in aerodynamics, construction, composites and control systems. We also see it as our mission to contribute to the electrification of the airspace by educating about the possibilities of electric aviation


Increase people's freedom and well-being by accelerating the development of sustainable aviation.


Deliver well-designed and efficient electric aircraft.


Enthusiastic builders - distributed across Sweden and Europe


Founded in 2019 by Gustav, Erik and Magnus Wiberg, Josef Wirsen and Gustav Borgefalk.

Katla's Workshop in Västervik

Katla Aero AB, Kastanjevagen 2, 18670 Brottby, Sweden. Org. nr. 559187-2063 

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