Katla offers two models, a drone and an aircraft. The drone will be available for order from 2021 and the aircraft is expected to be ready for the market around 2026.


User friendly
Financially sound

Katla 3 - The Drone

Up to 200 km on a single charge
Speed up to 250 km/h
Up to 15 kg of cargo or sensors

Katla 7 - The Aircraft

Up to 400 km on a single charge
Speed up to 450 km/h
Up to 200 kg cargo or two passengers

Develop services based on Katla

Already today, it is possible for companies, authorities and organizations that want to participate in development on Katla’s platforms. Contact us via the form below and we will get back to you immediately.

Katla Aero AB, Kastanjevagen 2, 18670 Brottby, Sweden. Org. nr. 559187-2063 

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